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  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated: September 14, 2018

911 Emergency Rescue is Response Simulator 2018 is the best simulation game among the firefighter simulation games. 911 emergency rescue is real responsibility sim for response to any kind of emergency. Play as brave hero of whirlpool city with multiple emergency response & rescue missions. Our emergency fire fighter and ambulance driver game has the ultimate emergency missions. Become a first emergency response for whirlpool city residents. You have to save injured & fire effected whirlpool city citizens.

Play as a crime response police officer to encounter criminals. Arrest criminals as a police officer & rescue citizens as fire fighter plus help the patients as an ambulance driver & doctor. 911 emergency duty: Rescue injured people & perform CPR to save them. Save & rescue people from huge burning fire as the firefighter hero.

Our emergency response game offer roles of policeman, firefighter & ambulance driver and paramedic.

Simulate you world in 911 Emergency Rescue- Response Simulator Games 3D

Fire fighter recue hero:

Play as a furious helping firefighter to rescue the people from burning dangerous 911 fire emergency. Play fast run cut the door use fire extinguisher save citizens in emergency situation. Put your fire extinguisher towards fire.

Fire fighter truck driver

Drive fast to rescue as result of response of fire emergency on 911. Go save innocent people of whirlpool city. Simulator game offers an exciting hero driving missions in simulation. The best firefighting missions from the 911 emergency rescue games 2018. Play the best of year of 911 emergency response sim.

Emergency ambulance response on 911 as hero:

Drive furiously fast to save the patient in an emergency & save him by taking patient to hospital. Driver drive fast but avoid accident which will cost you mission failure. Drive as hero wondering as savior.

Simulator of 911 emergency doctor

Role play of hero doctor. In our best 911 emergency response simulator game play as doctor to do cpr and minor surgery to save emergency patient. You have to do the CPR of patient suffering from heart attack near to dead. Take the citizen in emergency to hospital after out of danger.

Role play of the hero police man – hero officer:

Play as fury police officer trained by elite ops. Rescue the innocent citizen from vegas criminals. Now get in action as emergency cop to stop crime and arrest criminals. Someone called 911 emergency for help! Now speed up arrest the criminal & save innocent people to get hurt. Play as the cool officer giving help to citizens in emergency.

Police car drive 3d as super hero of citizens rescue

Drive the police vehicle with siren to avoid any hazard. The accident will cost you police drive mission failure. Drive furious and fast reach in specific time to arrest the criminal. Arrest the criminal and drive the criminal to the police station for justice.

Multiple rescue simulator

Save the city as a super hero from common men. Enjoy the simulator of rescue service duty. Play the role of rescue agency service men to response every emergency in time.

How to play 911 Emergency Rescue- Response Simulator Games 3D

Drive FAST to save citizens in emergency. Drive SAFE, response to alert with open eyes. Every emergency is Time based rescue missions. Game will add fun to your life & thrill to as an addicting game. Start your simulation challenge from challenging missions. The simulator missions are ambulance driving, fire extinguishing and policeman roles.

911 Emergency Rescue- Response Simulator Games 3D Features you in:

• Many thrilling fun filled rescue missions
• HD quality 3D graphics of city environment
• Real physics of controls
• Exciting multiple roles
• Awesome background music
• Easy to play hard to master

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