Al-Quds Wars: Ghost Holocaust

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  • Updated: August 11, 2015

"Al-Quds Wars" fantasy epic bout policy level masterpiece strong incoming! ʱ?? Ghost Battle century reproduce, mythological heroes become partners with you happy mix changes, exquisite realistic picture epic, play super convenient one hand, instantly join! To build the holy city of legend in mind!

★★ ★★
game background ancient gods era, Shenmodazhan, once beautiful and rich continent Noah loss of life. Huang Wei monstrous devil magic, and even challenged God of creation! To save the mainland, God of creation cleared the devil's own divine imperial seal in endless chaos ... After a thousand years of peace, people seem to forget the brutal Shenmodazhan, but forbear to Badlands inferno but not forgotten, beast tide earthly inferno come, outsider invasion forces, in this perilous situation appeared . Millennium Jihad century reproduce, now, the new myth created by you! ★★ Game Features ★★
● ● unique large-scale war camp athletics, optional war camp.
● ● pulling a copy of the group relaxed than clearance, a large number of virtual treasure as you get.
● ● Extreme artifact sent every day to participate in activities, clan property madness increase.
● ● production for gold when the manor building's richest man, captured relatives be your slave.
● ● Light comprehensive property and equipment over evolution, who spend big money to God means.
● Devil's Tower ● boss ambush challenge without limit, rare treasures all in one. ʱ?? *******
※ hierarchical management approach according to game software, this software is 12 years coaching level: people over the age of 12 may only use.
※ This game is free to use, another offer to buy virtual game currency, items such as payment services within the game.
※ game plot plot involving sexual violence, please note that the use of time, avoid indulging in the game. ʱ??

Download Al-Quds Wars: Ghost Holocaust APK

Al-Quds Wars: Ghost Holocaust
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