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Battle Ships 1988 Revival Pro 2.11
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Welcome to the past. To the times when games were played on huge gaming consoles connected to a TV. It was a wonderful time, but unfortunately (or fortunately) old things replaced by new ones, times passes and many things have been forgotten. This game is a fine example of this.
The best non-traditional sea battle was released so long time ago that everyone forgot about it. But somebody is still remembers about it and happy to play favorite game of his childhood. Game has been changes not so much, but this is still that game we played with pleasure in far 90’s.
This isn’t sea battle we used to play on the copybook sheets. This sea battle was invented long time ago and was published in 1980-1990 on many game consoles and computers of that time: ZX-Spectrum, Atari, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC.
-> Game rules are the same for all version of the game:
There is a 20x20 field. You and your opponent set own fleet, consists of 6 ships having different shape. Minimum distance between ships must be one cell. Almost every ship could be rotated including diagonally.
Players attack each other one by one. Each player has 24 shots (4 shots for each survived ship, including salvo mode). Player places shots then starts attack. Wrecked ships are marked on the map in red, slips - in blue. After first player attack, a second player starts his. And so on until one of the players will not destroy the entire enemy fleet. After the victory of one of the players, lost player can see secret map shows places where were not wrecked ships.
The game can be played solo or against AI.

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