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CatDays Cute Kitty Care Games 1.0.19
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【How to play】
① Gather cats with puzzles!
② Nurturing the gathered cat
③ Let's take a picture of the cute "cat" picture of the foster Neko!
④ Let's be proud of the cat in the photo contest and aim for the top prize!
★ Cute cats more than 60 kinds appear
Let's gather cute cats by advancing puzzles ♪
Puzzle is simple and refreshing! !
A rare drop of rare cats appeared! !
★ Evolution of "stroking" training
Let's foster by "stroking" the cat that gathered with the puzzle!
When you "stroke", the charm of Neko Lv will go up ♪
Let's give charm Lv, let's advance the contest of cat photographs advantageously!
★ There are lots of variety of "toys" ♪
Collect cute furniture and toys and change the room of cats!
The toy has a reality! (☆ 1 to ☆ 3)
The appearance of toys will change due to the difference in rarity!
★ Your own "cat photo" studio!
Let's set up a lovely cat and a toy and take a cute "cat photo"!
Share it with SNS and boast "cat photo" ♪
When you share it you will receive a "meat ball point" and you can exchange it for luxurious items!
★ Memories with cats "album" can be made!
Fun Days with cats.
Take lots of cats and leave memories of Days on the album!
★ Let's participate in the cat photo contest, aim for the top prize winning!
Taking pictures of "cats" in accordance with "theme" with boasting cats and toys, participate in the contest!
・ The charm of the cat Lv
・ Toy degree: Parameters attached to toys
・ Attribute Bonus: It happens when the attributes attached to cats and toys are matched to "theme"!
★Examples of cats
forest,russianblue,abyssinian,bengal,manx,turkish van
american curl,selkirk rex,somali,sphynx,cream,siamese,
cheshire cat,muffler,cowardly cat,snazzy,mop,ear off,scottish fold,himalayan,
american short hair,tortoiseshell
It is irresistible for cat lover!
★ "Cat Days" check the latest information on the official twitter ♪
★ Please contact us from "Menu" → "Settings and Help" → "Contact" of this application when making inquiries.
* Please read "Help" before making inquiries and please contact us only if you still can not solve it.
★ If the application stops running, it is sorry to trouble you, but please restart your terminal once, please exit this application from Task Manager once.

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CatDays Cute Kitty Care Games 1.0.19:

CatDays Cute Kitty Care Games 1.0.19
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What's New in CatDays Cute Kitty Care Games 1.0.19

    ★Ver1.0.20 Update information
    Fixed some bugs that occurred on Android 8.0