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  • Version: 1.3.4
  • Updated: August 15, 2018

Mind games is a great collection of games which will boost your brain power.

It has 4 categories

* Memory

Emoji : This game will , you need to memorize the given emoji and identify it later which tests your short term memory and focus

Pattern : You need to remember the pattern shown to you and create same pattern again with in time span

Face : Remembering new people faces is not so easy, this game helps to improve that.

* Focus :

ANAGRAM : Word will be shuffled and need it pick right answer , this improves clarity and helps if you have confusion problem

Rotation: Need to be very focused to identify which one is rotating anti clock wise.

Who is Moving Fast : concentrate on objects which are moving with different speeds and identify the one which is moving fast.

* Identify :

Compare : Compare the objects in 2 panels and identify both are same or not same.

Odd one Out : Need to identify Odd one from the list

* Problem Solving :

Sum Up: Imroves summing skills with fun.

Quick Math : Tests your mathematical skills.

Series : This improves your reasoning skills

Share the bill : Improves your mathematical skills.

Download Mind Games 1.3.4 APK

Mind Games 1.3.4
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