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Daily ear (another) 3.2.1
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◆ series total 3,000,000 dl breakthrough Memorial! ◆
◇ Added special event stage ◇
Bakage third series! 3000000 latest installment of the popular more than the download app 'every day of the ear', 'every day of the ear (another)' appeared! Now the stage is another person's ear!
-------- as
Series 3000000 dl breakthrough memorial, add a collaboration event stage of the ear
'ear scope' to peep is in the ear!
■ The feature
-main part of every day of the ear (another) fun of (another)! A different person of the ear 'ear' NOW!
fun of 'every day of the ear' is intact, this time of the ear is 'another person's ear' is the stage!
by the various people of the ear, also opens up new ear world!
- each person is in the ear! ? You pull out the fucking ear from the various ear!
people also differ in the ear if Kaware! Really what is in the ear that lurk! ?
Mimige the Avoid pulling out the 'ear Damn' game of is intact, also creatures of obstacles and mystery if Kaware people will change!
- very popular! ? 'Mimige chan' we outbreak! ?
popular as 'cute' in 'every day of the ear,' 'something Moe,' 'be healed to watch'! ? It was was that 'Mimige chan' we re-appeared to power up! People inhabiting Different 'Mimige chan' will also change! Of course, this work is also not only fucking ear 'Mimige chan' is also possible to get! Or collected all of Mimige-chan! ?
-screen more renewed in fancy the! Aim Character Goods of!
staff Ichinen suggestion that frustration to decent goods of the Do ... our voice not applied at all to popular! More screen to the lovely fancy! Please enjoy the A New ear extruded in front of the Mimige and her friends! Goods of acclaimed Wanted! !
■ the daily ear?
Game Description Move the
bamboo bushy cotton attached to the tip of the rod (Brahma), will investigate the ear shit is taken likely place!
When too much to see the flower garden comfortably ear shit hit chance! Careful not to overfill deeply!
Once you've brilliantly hit the ear shit, while avoiding very well creatures attack you do not know well Ear Hair or, attempt to raise the fucking ear to the outside! Sometimes be rare ear shit can be taken! ?
Rea ear shit and get the Once you Tsubuyakou in twitter!
'every day of the ear' or Mimiku the cumulative and maximum weight taken up to now is recorded, the darn found rare ear or it is complete in the picture book, a lot of elements that do not get tired of playing every day!
In addition, when you get the shit big ears shit and rare ear, you can be proud muttered in twitter!

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    Android 4.0.3 and up

Daily ear (another) 3.2.1:

Daily ear (another) 3.2.1
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Current Version: 3.2.1
Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000
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Rating users: 1,885
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Package name: jp.co.liica.mimikaki2

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