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[Game Description] This game is
checkerboard naval strategy mobile game, players have to use your wits and tactics, the intrigues, intrigue, deception guess under enemy atmosphere, enjoy mobile gaming pleasure. [Game]
1. This game is naval battle board game, the two sides are fighting on the same board of the sea.
2 each have seven arms in Taiwan, the United States, the Japanese lineup of weapons are different, have their own characteristics, when the game starts, the board must arrange for our army to attack the waters of the position by the players themselves.
3. Each round each party has seven rounds, the bout within the time limit, select the other seven board shelling waters.
4. If both weapons were completely hit, is declared destroyed.
5. With the weapons were destroyed, each round can be fired shells also decreasing, and we maintain the same weapons of the Remaining quantity.
6. Any one of the weapons was completely destroyed. Games came to an end.
[Game step]
1 Games menu:.
● Play: Click to enter the camp to select
● Top View: You can view click-Top
● game Description: Writings list page
2 camp selection:.
● button and then click on the game, will choose to enter the camp.
● choose our camp above the country, below is the enemy camp can choose nations.
● swipe left or right can be selected with the enemy country after we selected, after clicking OK to enter the game at the bottom.
3 arranged camp:.
● After selecting the country is determined, it will then go to the game screen.
● You have 30 seconds to subordinate camp
4 Mobile camp:.
● Tap where we post a warship, naval base there will be color-coded to choose to part .
● Players can move to the desired location, and then tap selected warships, you can rotate left and right.
● When arranged to determine the location, click on the bottom of the camp can be arranged to complete.
5 Games begin: When the game starts, you have 30 seconds to consider the timing of the investigation or the enemy attack.
6 attack enemy:.
● screen will automatically move to the right (the enemy) camp, moved the enemy camp, players will be prompted to begin the attack. (The enemy camp must investigation that position)
● bottom of the screen will display the treasures and we currently hold to attack the number of shells.
● selected grid, shall be continued with a plaid click twice to determine the sign of the attack (red square).
● successful bombing, burning enemy animation appears on the grid, if the failure to appear is bombed mark.
● After determining inter-action attacks, players are free to move around the enemy camp or our camp
7 Investigation:.
● When the bout began to select the investigation, the picture moves to the enemy camps, scoreboards up prompt detection word down.
● Click the place you want to direct detection, detection range with a click of the center 3 * 3.
● If detected enemy fleet, then there will be a grid marker symbols on the screen after the display disappears after about 5 seconds.
8 GAME OVER: When one enemy is completely sunk, it will display this winning or losing status and score points, if you want to upload to score points, the player must enter the name, click upload rankings, will open ranking Watch page ranking. If you do not have to re-ranking can choose to start the game.
[Treasure presentation]
● bomb: a damage range of up to 13 cells
● satellite radar: 8 * 8
scope on the board ● Ship Repair : where a ship can completely repaired (divided by sinking)
● Patriot missiles: two consecutive rounds automatically block all enemy missiles
● Allied reinforcements: three torpedoes at enemy waters straight attack
[warships presentation]
● aircraft carrier: the game board grid accounted for 8
● submarine: the game board grid accounted for 4
● destroyer: accounting 3
● Battery checkerboard grid: grid accounted for 2 chessboard
● MiGs: up 4 grid game board
● gunboat:
chessboard grid accounted for 2

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Diaoyutai battle 1.4
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