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“MAT COCONUT” is a one type of an adventure game. The special about this game between the others is that we choose the environment graphical based on the environment village in Malaysia. We try to combine between this 20th century’s game with the Malaysian traditional village to make it look more interesting and make Malaysia well-known. User especially from other countries can play this game and at the same time know what it is Malaysia about.
The main character of this game is a boy from a Malaysian’s village which will be created accordingly that suits the characteristics. The name of this character is ‘Mat’. This boy is the main character which user will control. The other character that we use as an obstacle is the monkeys. The game starts which user has to win by collecting all the coconuts the monkey stole from him. The main character will start running as the user controls it and collects all the coconuts. All the coconuts that the character collects will be calculated and the total distance travelled by the character will display in the game. This game is based on how much coconuts can be collected by player. Mat
will be challenge by monkeys as an obstacle and if the character hits the monkey, the player will game over.
The goals of this game are to introduce about the real Malaysia environment, to challenge the players on how they can avoid all the obstacles and continue to achieve victory and also as A medium to release stress and tension besides to fill up leisure time.
This game application is suitable for the user between 5 years old and above. The language for this game application is based on English because our target is not for Malaysian only but citizens from all countries across the world.

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    Android 2.2 and up

Mat Coconut 1.1:

Mat Coconut 1.1
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