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Mikuni infinity [Free] card rpg game 3.6.4
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Mikuni warlords is to girl! ?
'Cao Cao', 'Sun Quan', 'Liu Bei' to your original and famous generals who becomes the girl, including! !
※ also appeared part man illustrations.
'Xu Shu' and type from Moe illustrations, such as 'Wang Yuanji' to sister-based illustrations, such as
, 'Sima Yi' and 'Ryomo' rich in 2000 more than ! !
girl was wearing the armor in the battle event!
spring cherry blossoms, summer is hot spring and winter in the sea
autumn Christmas!
season in the combined appeared ♪
High rarity of the card in the costumes ...... in the final evolution! ?
until the player lv75 missions physical strength without consumption!
is crispy advance chance!
★ three countries and infinity is a girl card game using the warlords of ★
Romance of the Three Kingdoms!
collect a rich card!
aim the strongest in pvp!
gvg attracted fellow!
How to enjoy the infinite variety! !
♪ is also possible to make the strongest deck with your favorite characters
★ main content of the introduction ★
Romance of the Three Kingdoms of advance the story 'normal duties'
new character appeared in 'event mission'
'arena zenith of the' straight line to the apex (pvp)
aim the strongest in another home nation 'GN-U holding one's ground '(pvp)
strategy required! Enjoy with friends 'Yingjie large battle' (gvg)
troops each other of Battle Royale! 'Mitsudomoe large battle' (gvg) a
play content lot of pilings are available!
★ There is also the sub-contents ★
I do not know what to do ......
↓ such people to bulletin board that will tell
'3 channels'
senior users! About
status, military recruiting, fun chat!
Please use as a communication tool!
began just'm deck I want to see ...
old card is ......

# is to such people
# 'trade', 'black market'
card and items no longer needed, try to get the desired card with the coins!
bargain and unexpected, large chance of the card get to super deals! ?
who was worrisome what the game is immediately install! !
Enjoy the parallel world of the Three Kingdoms!
There is also the official twitter and official youtube channel!
■ operations
CO., LTD My Net Games Inc.
■ operating environment
· android2.3 and
· android4.0 or more mobile terminals of
※ with regard to the environment other than the above installation is possible, but it is a behavior warranty.
Please note.

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Mikuni infinity [Free] card rpg game 3.6.4
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Size: 13.21 MB
Current Version: 3.6.4
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Rating users: 4,109
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Content Rating: Teen

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