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  • Version: 2.4
  • Updated: June 01, 2016

World's First! "Chikuwa Mogumogu" app appeared!
Full to eat to make him try the chikuwa and bananas in 3D pretty girl!
Now and immediately experience the 3D character running on android! [Feature] the
real-time 3D character, you can enjoy from various angles by scaling and rotation operations. Please let me eat Mogumogu the chikuwa and bananas in the tap operation of the
You can also compete for the score in time attack.
[Character Introduction] Yuna
twins angel sister.
Shy and the meek, but noticeable only milk!
Housework in general is good. Folksy to angels. Coo
twins angel sister.
Lucidly protest against the decision, fold snapping the human mind, Pe~tsutan daughter of heaven Warriors.
It has graces well to sister of Yuna (milk). [How] Mogumogu Yuna-chan can play in free mode and game mode. Rub the free mode
Yuna-chan left, right, up, or down to eat the fish sausage.
There is no time limit.
If you touch the upper left corner of the icon to return to the title.
If you touch the top right corner of the icon camera returns to the initial position. Full eat let you the chikuwa and bananas to Yuna-chan Follow the instructions on the screen within the game mode
time limit.
1st stage will challenge it in how much feed the fish sausage in 30 seconds.
2nd stage will challenge on whether feed the banana much in 45 seconds.
If you feed a certain number Yuna-chan you have me double piece.
Last score of both stages will be displayed.
If you touch the upper left corner of the icon to return to the title.
In addition, this character will appear in 3D girl game "I hero".
More information and shopping If you are interested, such as is here!
Http: //※ "I hero" does not allow the purchase of persons under 18 years of age. Please acknowledge. powered by unity3d


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Mogumogu Yuna-chan 2.4
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