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Money also Big Two (flat only) 1.0
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The second is the use of money is large printing in general play, Big Two, also known as backgammon, is the printing of a very popular poker game. Rules of the game in the second maximum, minimum 3, the first kick of the hand is the winner.
[Gameplay] When the game begins, the clubs have a 3 of the first play, after they counterclockwise rotation of the cards, the other players have the same card type, and than cards on a large, remaining card type and so on, when other players pass, the player can change the cards any card type, in which, if a player has a monster hand in the card type (iron sticks, flush) No, by card type restrictions, as long as the cards are larger than the last card type. Until a player clears hand, hand over. [
] Other restrictions 1. If necessary pressed to come up with brand pass, without a license can be a system to automatically pass, the system automatically ends the cards in seconds pass, if all three pass, the cards were on the last then the cards. 2. When a player hands leaving a pair, trips, straight, gourd, iron and other support or flush card type combination, the system will automatically start the cards, to prevent cheating. 3. If necessary pressed to come up with brand pass, without a license can be a system to automatically pass, at the end of the cards in seconds, yet the player cards, the cards automatically or pass4. When open tables for each selectable points or greater Small head count, think the number of seconds, turn Bureau, choose each point is the 'number of remaining cards x gold,' coupled with the special addition and multiplication, medium and small head is based on the rank order to calculate the winners and losers. 5. 15% of the fee charged to the winner. 6. deduction from the Bureau: When the game midway offline or disconnected, 10 compute the council if the player is less than 10 cards at the time of settlement, places. If more than 10 are in accordance with the number of sheets the main settlement. As for the medium and small head start setting places a bulk of computing. [Special play] three, four wild card [limited edition]
1 wild card can be used as 'any card,' the cards will be placed in the rightmost position, the player can play the wild card leaflets , collected on the play, collected three play or make up any of a group of card type. But it can not drown out really spades Tate 2 Tate 2 spades and really could not drown out the ghost of spades card becomes Tate 2 to compare the size of the second largest card sheets. 2. When the straight card type card is becoming the biggest wild card, the same size places second straight large sheets of card size comparison. 3. When the system starts 'compulsory care card', hold the hands of wild card if it will be as the biggest brand and force the cards.
1 [Special award] Medal Reward: when a player reach a specified condition, you can get special medal.
2 certificate award: the game when a player has reached a certain condition or a good performance Jieke obtain the certificate system enacted in a special contest.
3 mission system: just add players to the mission area Select the task you want to challenge a district can immediately join any challenge, after challenge complete, then return to the task, DC → submit the job, you can get the gold checkpoints task.

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    Android 2.0.1 and up

Money also Big Two (flat only) 1.0:

Money also Big Two (flat only) 1.0
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