Money also Texas Hold'em (flat only) 1.0 APK for Android

Money also Texas Hold'em (flat only) 1.0
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Money also Texas Hold'em, Texas Hold'em (texas hold'em or called hold'em) is the casinos and poker rooms in North America and Europe's most popular poker game. Each player will get two 'hole cards,' cards belong to individual players, other players can not see. Then the table will be issued five 'community cards' on the card face. Each player selected cards from the 7 5, consisting of a maximum of poker group. Who's five best cards maximum, you will be able to walk away with all the bets. [Gameplay]
1 blinds (blinds):. Texas Hold'em is a game to the next antes, no antes in Hold'em rules, the replaced are called forced bets blinds . Blinds is to ensure that every game of cards has bet playable. The amount of the big blind is twice the small blind, the amount of each Board size blind are fixed, control the size of this table gamble. In a typical Hold'em game at the end of each game by two players only need to do, the two men were known as the 'big blind' (big blind) and 'small blind' (small blind).
Players Zhuangjia Shun clock sitting at home for the small blind, the player clockwise the small blind and the next house is the big blind.
'Dealer' license order below the first for the 'small blind', second place for the 'big blind.' At the beginning of the end of each round the next game, 'banker', 'small blind', 'big blind' clockwise will shift one. Each player in sequence table clockwise rotation of the office.
2 Special Instructions: A single blind (single blind) players currently big blind, had the next Council should become small blind, but if the players did not explode after the game round game point the number of leave, the next game the player clockwise next one is still a big blind, and this board is no small blind, to make the game function properly.
3 Licensing: Confirm 'banker', 'small blind', after the 'big blind' position, the licensing order to start small blind, clockwise in turn licensed to the dealer, once issued a license total hair twice, and so after the end of the licensing, licensing players on hand with two 'cards'
4 bet: First start betting players are paid as usual brand sequence 'big blind' of Next, each player can choose to call (call), checked (check), bet (bet), fold (fold), raised to (raise), if someone first bet must be a Currently more than 1 times the big blind. [Special award]
players to join in the mission area as long as you choose the task to challenge by joining any one area can immediately challenge the district's challenge, after challenge is completed, go back to the mission area → submit the job, you can The task of checkpoints to get gold.

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