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Senki Imperial from hero * Senki ~ Pretty war rpg ~ 1.4.6
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◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ voice with character to
'Senki Imperial' There appeared!
'I will heal a lot,' 'to, strange Koede Chau ...' such as
, would listen to sexy lines of the beautiful girl!
To play half a million people, Pretty us and popular simulation rpg that aims to world domination!
◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆
# ---------------------
◆ voice with character appeared ◆
------- -------------- voice with character has appeared in the
'Senki Imperial from hero * Senki'!
The first step is 'Himiko' role of voice actor, Mr. Yui Ogura appeared!
'To, Chau strange Koede ...' 'I will heal full'
... other, multiple voice is played in random!
Also one after another voice with character appeared upcoming! Even more fun the game is to get a voice with character!
----------------------------------- ---
◆ the Senki Imperial from hero * Senki? ◆
Moe degrees max and cute Pretty ☆ heroes of, aim world domination!
Nine fantasy city, which is fall by a person claiming to be 'the Creator'.
You who became the angels of heaven, in cooperation with the historical hero who became a cute beautiful girl regained fantasy city, we aim to conquer the world. There
Street building, there is war, is a free full-scale simulation rpg elements speedrun of there training full.
Illustrator is just celebrities, including Mr. Daiyari reed people.
Cute beautiful girl who becomes the card, you have to rampage in the map and dungeons!
'But, probably unfavorable game and start from after?'
There is no such a thing ☆
regularly new world is open anyone is a free game that there is a chance to get used to the strongest since!
Not a simple card battle game!
Cute, world domination with the handy free full-scale simulation rpg
'Senki Imperial from hero * Senki'
Moe degree max beautiful girl who the aim!
◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆
is recommended for this!
◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆
* cute beautiful girl to sprout want to gather the strongest members to training!
* Want to make your own city!
* Is called a full-fledged war game Battle for free!
* Want to easy but I run a number on someone simulation rpg!
* Want to various people and the game!
◆ enjoy the training ◆
---------- -----
makeover to the famous historical heroes Moe degree max beautiful girl card!
Waiting for that meet in your cute figure.
Respectively Pretty're that card into the addition to the basic parameters, you have the attributes and skills.
Beautiful girl who was training to fellow fight together!
Every time you only the strongest Moe Why do not you grow a beautiful girl ☆
events and campaigns while taking advantage of the respective characteristics, Pretty us in a new form There appeared.
Information of events and new card check in the game and the official page!
Official website: http: //
◆ enjoy the internal affairs ◆
--------------- only is Moe
does not win the battle!
Stored, such as war chest necessary to war is essential. The facility was built in the castle in the
domestic affairs, to create a rich territory in store the resources will help you prepare for the battle of the Creator. The
Street, such as castles and vineyards, there are a variety of facilities.
Freely built a facility, why not try to cramp your seems town ☆
---------------- -
◆ enjoy the battle ◆
'Senki Imperial from hero * Senki' In 2 One of the free simulation rpg that battle can enjoy!
★ ★ duel you can fight the strongest Moe beautiful girl who was grown over the
Tesio with other players. When the
win the fight, along with the level goes up, you can get a reward. Since there is also
rankings can feel the difference between the rivals, their level is obvious.
Let's fierce battle with the aim of further heights!
★ The territory expansion ★
on the map to the other of their own territory, also are scattered territory of the Creator of the territory and the other players.
Is not a territory vacant lot, you can be when you capture with your own territory.
To increase this territory is we us to advantage the battle!
Resources obtained from the enlarged territory also helps you through your victory.
To strengthen the forces, let's say one advantage of the fight!
◆ enjoy a cooperative play ◆
--- ------------------
or drop the fort of the Creator in cooperation with colleagues, sometimes 'alliance' full-fledged with or compete for territory with each other you can war game.
How to increase the fellow, or cooperation is the key to success!
So you can interact with other players by joining the 'alliance', such as when Ya to attack when in trouble, let's been capture in cooperation with fellow!
◆ is a hero * Senki? ◆
popular pc game 'hero * Senki' is, the region aimed at world domination along with the cute Pretty This suppression type simulation game.
Moe degree max a draw thirsty we say historical heroes are, large spear reed who said other prominent illustrator team!
Strategies and occupation-deathblow!
Is simple only with profound Tactics game is interesting battle game.
★ Senki Imperial official site ★
http: //
★ Senki Imperial official twitter ★
https: //
■ game to not be able to log in to the customer ■
# # since I will carry out the investigation, but Excuse me, on your described the necessary information, we ask that you please contact us from the following.
[email protected]
[item I would like you described in your inquiry] #
# play that have been are terminal
-occurrence of the World
-castle name
, available in the phenomenon
• If the generation to have symptoms of login failures, what point
or have failed to log in: no longer able to
login (for example, the time you enter the id and pass of twitter) in the account,
[operation guarantee terminal]
version 2.2 or higher of the terminal
[service providers whether you can log in to twitter / facebook itself who]
Co., aiming

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Senki Imperial from hero * Senki ~ Pretty war rpg ~ 1.4.6:

Senki Imperial from hero * Senki ~ Pretty war rpg ~ 1.4.6
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Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
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