Special Force for kakao 1.2.7 APK for Android

Special Force for kakao 1.2.7
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■ Game Introduction ■
▶ Ultimate total fight begins!
Total Games Mobile Optimized never kkeot now!
Mobile scramble to form the Special Forces of the Republic of Korea is a myth evolved fps!
easy to aim, strike that ended sense, scrambling now to get the Special Force evolved into an overwhelming scale!
▶ Shanghai map Stay! I feel a real Special Forces! Real-time pvp]
captured as a Special Force Online Map popular! Real-time pvp!
Operation Move to the evolution of new ways for mobile to enjoy in the Shanghai Mobile is easy, the aim is sharp! Head shot hit!
▶ Please defeat the giant bosses with your team! [Cooperative missions - an overwhelming scale, enjoying a
Mobile! This class size and other powerful giant boss appears! Relentless bombing skills of
Attention boss! Joined the team four persons and force your boss defeat!
▶ consoles like fun! Various main bosses appear! [Story Mode]
high-quality graphics and a variety of main chapters by type of boss appeared! Using drones and special weapons that are found everywhere in the
Please advance to the enemy!
▶ Put yourself in the day of the week a special mission! [Special Mission]
every other content! Breakthrough, sniper escape missions, base defenses, raid mission!
Do not be satisfied with mere pvp / pve mode! Enjoy a wide variety of content each day of the week
■ Special Force for kakao official cafe ■
http:! //cafe.naver.com/433specialforce
# the guide
# * access * Android 6.0+ phone, you need a game drive access authorization.
[mandatory access] should not be used during the game denied. #
# - selective access] is possible even if the game runs rejected
* you can set the access rights again in
to revoke access path way #
# [OS 6.0 or later -
settings> manage applications> select your app> rights> one can access withdraw
[less than 6.0 operating system] #
# to withdraw access to the operating system upgrade or remove the app permission
- sd read / write (external_storage)
device, photos, media, and file access ( necessary permissions)
this permission is required to install the game to the external memory John is right. Allowing
privileges can install the game on your external memory situations when lack capacity
You do not have to worry, do not have access to your photos and files.
- telephone (read_phone_state)
dialing and management permit (selective access)
this authority is able to identify the device to compensate for events, real-time customer interaction and gaming elements . permission allowing
privileges can receive information such as sms cs-facing and push messages, events
Contact Developer:
# # Customer Service: 82-2-1566-4340
, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Samsung 104 road 22 (Samseong-dong)
Business registration number: 107-87-21419
communications vendor registration number and report agencies: the 2013- Gangnam No. -02795 / Seoul Gangnam District Office

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    Android 4.1 and up

Special Force for kakao 1.2.7:

Special Force for kakao 1.2.7
Price: Free
Size: 98.60 MB
Current Version: 1.2.7
Installs: 100,000 - 500,000
Rating average : aggregateRating (4.4 out of 5)
Rating users: 5,093
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Teen