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  • Version: 2.0
  • Updated: April 16, 2018

What do your think about having the lion as your pet? Now we have something special that will bring fun to your days! It is the cutest and the bravest animal and you will make a great team! Download free Talking Lion game app on your smartphone and meet your new friend. You will see that he has a big house with amazing rooms, but you will help him unlock them. Collect coins together and play latest mini games. Have a lot of fun with the lion on his playground, take him to the gym, and you will see many other things that this hero can do! He can dance and you can tickle him to see his reaction. So, grab your smartphone and meet the lion who will quickly become your favourite virtual pet! Play the best talking game free, and enjoy your time in the savanna!
You must be curious to know what you can do with your top virtual hero? The lion will show you his rooms that are so beautifully decorated, it will take your breath away. Let’s come into his living room. If you look behind the couch you will see cute little giraffe. Tap the books to see a smiley face, he turns and jumps around. Check out a window, colorful toucan is here, touch him and he will sing to you. Our hero has musical talents, he knows to play wooden xylophone and drums. You will enjoy in the sounds he performs on balafon, listen carefully and you will be amazed. Let’s learn the letters together, just watch the tv screen. He owns a home gym where he exercises, and he is a proud owner of a treadmill where he can run or walk. It is important for the lion to stay in shape! So, making sure that he does not miss a single training. He has a wonderful bedroom where he can sleep and rest after a crazy day. The red bell is wake him up. Everything is magical in the savanna. Have a lot of fun together on the playground. He is very good at sports, and he adores jumping on the trampoline! On the tree you will see a eagle, if you tap him, he will fly away. Talk to the lion and he will listen, later he will be able to repeat your words. Play with this popular animal and he will show you everything that he can do! Tickle and slap your pet for fun, to see his reaction. He can dance, and he is ready to show your his moves. The coolest lion has a bathroom where he can take a bath, brush his teeth... And a towel for wiping. You must help your little hero to collect coins and unlock all the rooms, so it is finally time for fantastic mini games. Play Jumpy Lion, cross all platforms and try to achieve the maximum height. Open Pizza Defense and protect this delicious meal from the attack of nasty bugs. Beware of spiders and caterpillars but try not to hurt butterflies and ladybugs. They are your friends and will help you in your mission. In Lion Smash do not drop the hammer from your hands and hit this wild animals as soon as they come out of the pit. Play Lion Jump and just tap platform that you want your hero to jump on. He leads a very impressive life! What do you think? Grab your smartphone, download top talking lion game application, and get ready to have a lot of fun.
How to play Talking Lion game app:
 Play mini games to collect more coins
 Talk to the lion and he will repeat your words
 Take the lion to the gym
 Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep
 Tickle and slap the lion for fun
You can share with your friends to let them know about your cool new virtual hero. The latest lion game is free, so download it and do not be afraid, this animal is all about fun. Play with this popular pet, it is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, everyone would like to spend time with the best lion ever!

Download Talking Lion 2.0 APK

Talking Lion 2.0
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Current Version: 2.0
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Requirements: Android 4.1+
Content Rating: Everyone
Package name: com.plaftalkinggames.talkinglion